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Outrageous claim to have invented the hamburger.
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Passive-aggressive status update obviously directed towards one of the OP's friends.
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Christian Communism.
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Long-winded neurotic fit about the fact that OP is not having neurotic fits about OP's latest relationship, and aforementioned lack of neurotic fits must be a sign that something is wrong with aforementioned relationship.
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Complaint of sense of deja vu with relevant link. Commentary that concept has been done better by the readers, on websites with better standards.
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Summary of vacation. Huge, uncut pics of generic touristy sites, many uncaptioned or misidentified, interspersed with pics of the same 2 people acting sickeningly cute.
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Complaint about a feature of an unspecified blogging service that doesn't work as expected. Long list of self-serving reasons why it should behave the way poster wants. Unfavorable comparison to similar blogging services. No indication of any attempt to use available avenues to request a change of that's feature's behavior or find a workaround.
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Link to video consisting entirely of guttural grunts, random assorted noises, and hands gestures. Insistence that this is a language regardless of Wikileaks claims. Call for resignation of French government.
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Sensationalist announcement of upcoming paper in animal psychology.

Incorrect restatement of paper's abstract.

Irrelevant, mangled quote of one of the authors, with blatant misspelling of their name.

Attempt to either make a show of balanced reporting or cause controversy by mentioning alternate interpretation of experiments, not taken seriously but all but a fringe of the mainstream establishment in that discipline.
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Digression upon the subject of love for the community. Expression of happiness at the honor of posting. Fervent and misspelled hope that the reader will click upon the cut tag, but no indication of content.

Puerile yet uninformative rhyme )
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Relieved, semi-jovial statement about the falling standards of education applying to countries other than one in which the author resides while acknowledging that the OP's country still wins at the contest.

Relevant link.

Off topic microscopic text expressing relief that the author caught the horrible grammatical mistake in the subject line that would have really got the community talking.
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Plaintive reference to lack of activity in comm. Self-consciously hearty and artificial exhortation of community members to pull together and post more!!!

Reminiscence about good old days of comm. Veiled references to all the work OP has done on behalf of the comm and lack of social reward thereof, revealing that OP has been keeping a mental list.

Disturbing undertones of resentment and obsession, accentuated by emoticons :-) ;) :)

ETA: Belated edit to correct spelling mistake in preceding sentence. Attribution of blame to heavy medication. Failure to indicate whether this is intended seriously or not. Additional emoticon: :D
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Assertion that OP will show them, show them all. Maniacal laugh.
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Allegedly-funny "news" post from site owner trading upon site culture in such a way as to indicate that they almost, but not quite, get it.
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Attempt at self-description before breakfast, which fails. Reference to the weather instead. Digression about global warming deniers.

Realization that it is, in fact, too early for this. Decision not to hit cancel.
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Brief introduction of self, consisting primarily of age, appropriately-vague-for-internet-safety location and gender.  Obligatory reference to recent [site community profile] dw_news post, and the community recommendations within.  (Whimsical aside lampooning Livejournal's Terms of Service as a "just-folks" method of establishing in-group connections.)  Declaration of intent to interact frequently and meaningfully with fellow community members, in order to achieve a bucolic level of of fellowship as soon as possible, with a misspelling buried in the middle.

Fluffy bunny sign-off, involving American- and hetero-centric assumptions.
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Typical holiday greetings.
Cutsie graphic saying the same thing.
Wishes that I could eat.
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Passionate but off-kilter rant about social & civil rights issues. Conflation of race, gender, class and disability issues. Proclamations of evils, with extensive collection of links, mostly to blogs of friends or former friends. Accusations of flaunting of privilege leveraged at (1) poster's ex-romantic-partner, (2) poster's ex-employer, (3) poster's current roommates.

Pre-emptive denial of privilege in self, on the grounds of enlightenment, liberal political bias, and donations of money to homeless shelters within the last month.

Admission of discomfort in the presence of one category of underprivileged persons, followed by incoherent story of childhood event which supposedly justifies aforementioned discomfort.
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