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Angst at recent news.
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(no subject)

Intriguing but ultimately incorrect assertion about Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem. No proof.
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(no subject)

Angsty ploy for attention and validation.
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Link to Geek Social Fallacies page.

Vague undirected accusations of misbehavior by unnamed community members.

Request for everyone to behave in a manner contradicting all of the above.
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(no subject)

Obscene pun. Posted to all-ages craft community.
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Trite subject line

Innocent-sounding question. No context.
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(no subject)

Non-specific declaration that everyone must follow THE RULES of this fandom!

... No explanation of what those rules are or who made them.

Dark hints that someone, somewhere on the internet is doing something wrong. Vague implications that it might involve being gay, being a stalker, being a gay stalker, or maybe just commenting on someone's hotness.

Dire threats of terrible repercussions from canon's Powers That Be!
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(no subject)

Catchy 30 year old advertising slogan. Contains word now considered a slur.
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Post wherein the OP threatens to leave LiveJournal forever...

... and then does so.

Thanks given to Российская Федерация.
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Angry dismay at presence of comment spam in old community entries.

Demand for mod action. Fails to provide any link to said spam.
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(no subject)

Lengthy, eloquent, venomous diatribe. Target unclear.
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Irrelevant Title Having Nothing To Do With the Post

Angry ranting about political party causing undue stress to a well-off minority. Name calling of a foreign power. Written stomping about about how HARD everything is.

Vague threats of consequences.

(Parenthetical request for assistance on technical issue.)
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(no subject)

Whiny, angsty, self-serving rant about same-sex marriage.

Copy-pasted from similar-named community elsenet, without attribution or acknowledgement.
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(no subject)

Vague prodding of community for signs of life (or undeath).

Irrelevant penguin pictures.
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(no subject)

Passive aggressive post about co-mods who don't do anything. Vague attempt to say it's no one in circle who is also a co-mod.
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Passive-aggressive disclaimer about appropriateness

Reposting of content of bad prose collection, without attribution, implying that it was written by poster. Request for concrit.
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(no subject)

Flat statement that current comm is not the reader's personal army.

No context.
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(no subject)

Post that's entirely black, presumably in protest of recent bill making its way through the US House of Representatives.